Familly time

And then we came back to the starting point. It took us 2 months to bike from Lampertheim to Brasov and only 2 hours flight to come back. Everything is relative! The experience we lived and the people we meet on the way are things we will not forget so easy. 

Ayana flew to Asturias from Bucharest while I went from Sibiu to Alsace. It’s not that easy to be apart after those 3 months together but it is a great feeling to be back home! Spending some time with our family and friends, telling them our story, our journey makes us realise how much we have done and what we learn from it! It’s a form of living it again with an outside point of view. We realise even more and we appreciate it even deeper. It was f**king great and we are so grateful of being able to do this. Thanks to our fit bodies, our strong mental and our positive side we manage it 😀

Back « home » we have lot of projects in head: personal growth, new determination and ideas for the future. We have spent more than 3 months together and we learn so much from each other. We want to be better persons, understand each other better and be in peace with our selfs and with the other. It takes patience, communication and understanding but we believe in it and go for it.

Back in our towns we continue the yoga habits we got from Romania. Ayana is going to a course with her mom while I want to join some lessons in Strasbourg.
Sometimes life sends ou signs. I was too enthusiastic and determinate with some of my projects and faith told me to calm down by breaking my car. It need some days to repair and had also to take a little more easy. Moving by foot or by bike when you live in the countryside gives you time to think and be aware of your actions.
It was good to see my further colleagues and friends from Siemens. You have a strange feeling: you’re part of the family but somehow they replace you a little as well. You feel that the time you went biking is like a dream once you get back in the previous environment. You had a nice experience abroad but the next day you could just go back to work and surrender to all your habits once again.

In Strasbourg it’s Christmas once again. The city is prepared sooner and sooner each yer. Beautiful decoration on all the streets and the famous Christmas Market is here as well! Snow is missing in the city, in the Vosges and in the Alps! Climate change 😕

We both spend Christmas celebrations with our families: brothers, sisters, cousins and others, it’s good to take care of them all and drink some warm tea or wine while telling each others stories. Ayana’s mum cooked some amazing dishes! I wasn’t there to taste them but the three kind of humous she made looked delicious! It’s said that French could talk about food for days.  

New year is coming fast with all its new resolutions. Ayana runs in Gijón with her dad and party afterwords with her brother and sister. I booked a small house in the Vosges for 2 nights with Michel, Justine and Claire. We will spend this new year transition simple and soft: cooking good, playing some new board games and hiking. Still not so much snow on the peaks of the Vosges 😟 I’ll try it in the Alps in 2-3 days!

 Here I am, first time this year next to the Bodensee ( we will come back .. ), spending 3 nights in Anna’s family house and enjoy some skiing. Vince is a great guy and I always have lot of fun with him. He’s so easy going and always has a topic to discuss of.
German atmosphere is so chill and Anna’s family welcome me so nicely! I try not to drink beer but it’s way to difficult! You can’t do it while spending some great time in a traditional German family! One day skying in never enough but there is not so much snow 😧

The 6th I travel back to Strasbourg and stop in Offenbourg to pick up the Tronky! She’s been travelling by car for 2 days from Gijón to be here before the 7! Birthday time!!!
Seeing her smile in this Offenburg Indian restaurant is the best gift I can ever receive! But I also got some sincere kisses and warm hugs! Lovely! Thanks to Martin and Andrea to bring her safe to France 😍
It is great to be reunited again! Guess what! I got a nice wooden box with oil paintings inside and warm gloves and winter hat 😄 it’s cold and they are just perfect. They suit me well, don't they? 

 It’s not because one of our firsts dates was in an Indian restaurant that we had the idea but we plan to go to India and spend some time in an ashram. Ayana has some very good Indian friends and by activating her contacts we receive loads of information in no time. Her persuasion power is high and with a subtile play she persuades her parents to joins us for a month. They even booked their tickets before us! Taking off on the 4th of February in the afternoon! ( Exactly 5 months after our bike trip start ) 

In Strasbourg we have some good time! Eating well, going for morning walks, keep on doing yoga and taking care of ourselves! One day we take the car and drive to Ayana’s dad house! He lives next to Mönchengladbach in a nice wooden decorated house. Her mom, Maria, 93 years old now, to who he keeps company also lives there. Back to the German atmosphere, as we were looking to move to Germany ?!
We like it! They welcome us greatly and as German traditions in the evening we always eat bread with cheese and meats. Norbert shows us around, the birth city of Ayana, the university where he was studying, we even eat at the canteen. We have some chill days walking in parks and visiting around. The fragile snowflakes we are, have to take it easy! Evening walks in the neighbourhood watching Orion’s Belt became a classic. I was really honoured to meet Ayana’s dad and get to know more about her family and her youth. We will never stop learn each other.

We drive back to Frankfurt where we spend a night in the Radisson blu hotel. It starts to be a tradition since we did it in Lyon last year! Frankfurt was freezing but it get us some ideas and allow us to imagine a life in Germany. I think it’s quite a challenge but we will go for it. We take a free tour and learn about the traditional Apfelwein and the headquarters of the European Central Bank.
Later we walked along the Rhine River in Mainz. Ayana’s mother family grew up there. Lot of lovely souvenirs she has in the region spending great time especially with her grandmother. We take a bretzel at Ditsch next to the train station and we walk along the wide fields in the countryside. It is essential to know where we came from and keep a deep connection with our roots.

After this German escapade we enjoyed some more yoga sessions in Strasbourg before heading to Normandy. 7 hours drive later we reach Tim’s and Lulu’s quiet countryside house. We don’t meet that much but the friendship is strong! This time we spend some days together to celebrate our beloved birthdays! Isn’t that crazy that two best friends date girls that were born on the same day!!! I think it’s more than just a coincidence! So Ayana and Lulu are 2 years apart and both born on the 30th of January! Happy birthday to them! With Tim we prepared nice special cakes: carrot cake for Ayana and pear and chocolate for Lulu. We overpass our cooking skills in preparing this delicious cakes and had a nice evening eating crepes!

We also had some nice walks in the fields and around the village, took care of the chickens and watched YouTube videos of how to make a knife out of sea water! WTF!?
Normandy is not that close but it allowed us to have some fun in the car, try to learn some songs, talk about mind power and perception of things! 

One last weekend in Strasbourg that we spend with Julia, my sister, as well. It’s good to see her growing and making her place in this world. I hope we can visit her someday in Copenhagen where’s she start working in September.
We take some energy from the thermal waters of Baden Baden and here we are: sited on seats 27A and 27B flight LH2711 from Frankfurt to Mangalore! 


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