Indian Fall in Slovenia

And all of a sudden summer became autumn and Western made way to Eastern.
Slovenia welcomed us with large peaceful medows and delicate forests, the sun rays inviting us to sit on a stone bench and still warming us up until almost 19h. The landscape did look like a fairy tale, and so did the the first villages we crossed until starting to look for a camping place.

The first morning we woke up in the backyard of a gigantic three-floor wooden house, between the forest and their chickens and vegetable garden. We saw a girl and a boy walking towards our tent and talking strange words. Spricht ihr Deutsch? English?? Italiano?? Italiano!!!! We too, since two weeks. We definitely managed to understand each other and get invited to their house for coffee and breakfast: apples and cookies. The family also liked biking and spending time outdoors, and so we came to the hot topic: fauna. We knew about the bears and the wild boars but slovenian forest are also home to wolfs, jackals, linxes, ... Well, life has been beatiful until now.

Slovenian people seemed to us greatly generous, curious and nature lovers. We enjoyed being absorbed by the village-low-tempo-lifestyle and chatting with locals about their jobs, culture, family.

One and a half months after starting our bike tour we still enjoyed the 25°C during daylight and biked in t-shirt and shorts. Indian Fall in Slovenia.

Our tour in Slovenia covered about 250 km and looked like this :

At night we would make a fire and drink tea dreaming awake and trying not to fall asleep, and so we came to the idea of visiting the caves of Škocjan, one of the country's and Europe gems from ancient times. We followed the underground river "Reka", which means "River" in Slovenia. So Reka "Reka" let it be! Waka, waka, reka, reka, eh, eh, this time for Slovenia!

It was Sunday and we couldn't find any place to camp neither supermarket to buy some food, and all the campings were closed due to low season. So we ended up behind the caves in a little camping place with a kitchen were we could brush our teeth and wash our hands with tap water. Luxury! We still had some raw cauliflower and ajvar and that was our dinner. That night we also succeeded to finish the movie Cocoon... do you believe in aliens?!

The next day we arrived in the capital! We booked a room for two nights at The Cube, a 6 squared meters room which really felt a bit claustrophobic at the end. We biked and walked the city enjoying the lively athmospehere, lots of young people and live music, the Ljubljanica riverwalk, the handmade crafts, the hidden restaurants. And as always we stopped at the local market to have a coffee and listen the old men talk.

Here we found the white bell peppers so typical in these balkan countries and used to prepare ajvar, a roasted pepper tapenade. Yummy!

We also learned what it is to eat people's leftovers at a falafel restaurant. Crazy experience to see how much fod is being thrown away. We just bought the drinks and baklava and had a full meal before taking the bikes again.

And the three days went by and we had to say goodbye.

But we were happy to ride our bikes again, and the view continued being incredible, this time climbing hills but never giving up.

At the top of the hill where we arrived in the darkness Eli was waiting for us with her bright and seren smile and soon Sebastian and then Katja would join us in the living room. Beautiful and special people indeed.

Marko invited us to his hotel on the way and we ate and danced until they switched the lights off.

We slept in the Wintergarten like king and queen.

The mornings were hot and we often stopped to ask for water or directions.

And then surprise! Serban's parents called us to say they had booked an hotel for us with sauna, thermal water, breakfast and dinner and a massage included... heaven :) ! Thank you so much Ileana and Bursuc ♥.

Here a glimpse of the zen sobe with waterbeds and gong meditation. Chill mode ON.

After three relaxing days having the impression to walk on clouds we took off our bathrobes and put on the biking pants. We have muscles again! And the fall continues to feel like summer.

On the last evening in Slovenia we met Borut who friendly accepted us to set the tent in front of his house and office. Also we found out to be parters in crime: you never walk alone ;)

And so another country went by, every day discovering new landscapes and, getting to know new people and getting to know ourselves more and more.

So we were ready to cross the border to enter Croatia and enjoyed to go the hill down until the frontier but then bam! The border was closed and it was impossible to jump or walk further to cross. So we had to go back and go the next closest border to arrive at the same point two hours afterwards...
Theses borders have been closed recently to avoid refugees crossing.

Durig the detour we found a little but tall building and curious we stopped to had a look. There was a man working inside who kindly showed us the machines and his work: he was milling wheat.

Stayed tuned to find out how was our entering in Croatia and what other things we learned on the way.



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