Ibiza La Isla Bonita

Ding dong... This is the final boarding call for passengers M. Buia and Ms. Fuertes-Niethammer booked on flight FR4190 to Ibiza. Please proceed to gate 3 immediately...!

We are not going to hide it, it hasn't been an easy road from Strasbourg to Milano, 14 days peddaling non-stop, but finally we arrived on time for our flight. :) We are spending one week break in the beautiful mediterranean island of Ibiza! Our friend Marta is hosting us and we're lucky to meet her before she moves out to start an MBA in Munich. Bravo!!!

Ibiza's landscape is greener than we expected and the pine trees push all over. In the city tourists and hippy outlooks join us on the way to the supermarket, to the chill out music bar... RE-LAX.

It was not until the second day that we finally jumped into the water. Salty heaven. We find lots of fishes but still no jellyfish. Oke!

Later in the evening Serban started feeling pain in the bottom of the back, he had to lift both bikes several times in the past days in order to walk up and down a flight of stairs, and only after two days of break his sciatica started showing up... The good news are that we still had almost one week to recover. And enjoy the sunsets:

And dinners with Marta:

And taxi trips:

 And many movies and face masks and siestas anywhere and everywhere:

And so Serban's sciatica started to get better and we decided to continue our not-being normal life. We went for a hike in the mountain in front of the island of es Vedrà, without water nor sunscreen, and ended up swimming in a hidden beach full of jellyfishes. Why not! But we love it...

It was also in Ibiza where we decided to make a alcohol-pause because we feel like staying focused and enjoy every moment with all the senses.

And so seven days passed by and we started missing our bikes left in Italy. But before... let's have a paella for the souvenirs :)

Because sometimes it's not about the place, but the people you share it with.


  1. Why your title is Indian fall. I am just curious to know.
    By the way it is very informative. It seems you had a good time over there


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