Wine route in Alsace

140 km of endless vineyards, big blue skies and lots of fresh air when cycling down the hills.
We followed the EuroVelo 5 path, so checking the map once in the morning was pretty much enough ! The starting point is the village of Marlenheim, so we did a small detour from Strasbourg to officially begin there and to visit kind Martine and Gerard, who welcomed us with the biggest of hugs, lots of cake and a big glass of cold water, it's still summer and the sun shines strong yo !

For sure when you spend the hole day outside your body starts adapting to natural light, and the days are getting fast shorter.

At night we like to look for a hill and climb up so that we get a nice view of our region, Alsace !
The nights are chill, but we enjoy to stay outside and enjoy the sound of silence, the sound of nature …

Our nutriture is basically composed of some kind of cereal cooked with veggies and fruits that we find on the road, and for sure bread and cheese ! We brought a delicious Romanian home-made tapenade and a nuts mix for the long evenings.

A coffee in the middle of the morning is given for granted. It's also normally the first and last time we visit a toilet during the day; no shower, no problem, they say ! Honestly most of the times is just psychological.

Regarding the weight of the bikes, no regrets but we still haven't touched any of the book we brought, or watercolors, or cards... we will get time for it later on.

The end of this chapter took place along the Rhin river, a long calm ride with nice weather and the freshness of water. The last night in France we spent it in Mulhouse, at Serban's friend place, in a beautiful two floors house, high and cosy, with family and neighbours passing by all the time, and a little garden behind where we parked our bikes to get absorbed by the fluffiness of the mattress...

In Germany we stopped at the VitraDesign Museum where Ayana's oncle is working, this building was design by the Guggenheim architect. Really cool ambiance. And as always, a visit to Germany isn't the same without a falafel Döner. Mit Alles bitte !

The adventure has just begun and we don't know where exactly it will take us, for the moment it's okay to find out where we will stay the night, the rest is still to discover, the world is ours.


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