Gotthard Pass - the door to Italy


And what an incredibly beautiful journey. We climbed the 2000 m in several steps, our legs and backs getting used to the effort and getting some "flat slopes" as reward every now and then.

But the day we woke up to finally reach the peak we knew there was no chance to look back. We climbed and climed and with each break we were getting more excited, more in trance. The sun hit strong and we enjoyed the sporadic company of other cyclist.

Our Naviki App shows following stats. Ohhhh yes babe!

Because we love challenges! Our former colleagues might confirm... ;-)

The St Gotthard Pass (2108m) is in central Switzerland and an important link between the German and Italian speaking parts of the country. Va bene, va bene, alles gut!

There is an autoroute through a tunnel and another paved road over the pass to handle all the considerable motor traffic. For cyclists, the ancient cobblestone road has been perfectly preserved. 

Personally we've got different styles to cycle uphill. Always staying concentrated, Serban has an iron will and very technical skills, as he learned climbing the Carpatian Mountains in his home-country Romania. Me I'm a little more driven by energy peaks and prefer to go faster and straighter. Then for sure I need more breaks! Even if I was never physically alone, it is a very individual experience where all you got is you, yourself, the mountain and your bicycle. And half of this of course:

It's been already some days we did this and I remember it as one of the best days. Your body and mind get stronger while cycling uphill.

And like french say, après l'effort... le reconfort! We usually skip lunch and just have an early dinner. This time with chocolate and Champagne for dessert :-)

Unforgettable day, like all the others.

And then the sun set and we had to set up the tent...

Oops !

Our bodies performed well and deserve getting a good rest.

We also want to thank all the people who are hosting us on the way, might it be to spend the night, to have a tea, a coffee, water, a warm shower before sleeping, a shout of encouragement, a supporting Post, a share of experiences, a laundry, a breakfast in the garden... we deeply appreciate these kind gestures from the bottom of our hearts !

Check out this beautiful jungle garden at our host in Bellizone:

Swiss paradise...

But it's time to cycle a bit more to reach Milano. After 14 days of non-stop cycling, 500 km, 5000m of uphill... some days of sand & Spain are waiting for us.

See you soon!


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