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Familly time

And then we came back to the starting point. It took us 2 months to bike from Lampertheim to Brasov and only 2 hours flight to come back. Everything is relative! The experience we lived and the people we meet on the way are things we will not forget so easy.   Ayana flew to Asturias from Bucharest while I went from Sibiu to Alsace. It’s not that easy to be apart after those 3 months together but it is a great feeling to be back home! Spending some time with our family and friends, telling them our story, our journey makes us realise how much we have done and what we learn from it! It’s a form of living it again with an outside point of view. We realise even more and we appreciate it even deeper. It was f**king great and we are so grateful of being able to do this. Thanks to our fit bodies, our strong mental and our positive side we manage it ­čśÇ Back « home » we have lot of projects in head: personal growth, new determination and ideas for the future. We have spent more tha

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